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Thin Stone Veneer

Natural Stone offers many advantages over other manufactured stone. It comes directly from the earth and has a uniqueness that only Mother Nature can create. Chipping and sun damage are not concerns for natural stone. In fact, you can expect time and exposure will only increase its depth and beauty.

Advantages of Natural Stone Veneer:

*Real stone
*More durable than artificial stone

*Stone pattern does not repeat, no two pieces are alike
*No fading in sunny areas
*No shrinking over time

*Cutting or chipping of stone reveals only stone

Lightweight manufactured stone and thin cut natural stone veneers are ideal products for a multitude of residential and commercial wall applications. Suitable for interior and exterior installations, they are widely used on projects ranging from residential custom homes, renovations and additions, to very complex commercial projects like hotels, resorts, banks, casinos, retail chains, condominiums, and office buildings. 

Confederate Gray
Dove Gray
Weathered Fieldstone
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